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- Jonathan J. Berrios

    Jonathan is a Bronx, New York native. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife Priscilla and their daughter Sophia. Jonathan is a family man. It is through his family that his love and appreciation for photography started. He comes from a big family. His parents raised seven boys, no girls (many people ask). In his parents home, as you enter the front door you begin to see their family history through the pictures on the walls. There are photos dating back from the 1940's to present day. His parents have multiple family albums and still to this day have photos in suite cases waiting for a spot on the wall. Each photo has a story, a memory and a feeling. Jonathan's wife Priscilla says, "Every time we visit his parents. I see a photo I didn't see before. I love asking about each photo because they each have a story."

    Berrios loves all the stories, feelings, memories, and meaning a single photo can have. These are just a few of the many reasons he fell in love with photography. Jonathan says, "As a photographer, I get to capture those amazing stories, feelings, and memories the way I see them for my clients. I get to enjoy capturing those moments. Natural moments are beautiful. I'm capturing a piece of a story, history, and feeling that my clients will get to share with others and relive every time they look at the photo."

    He received his bachelors degree in communications from Nyack College. In the Fall of 2008, Jonathan took an Intro to Digital Photography course. His professor was Wedding and Family photographer Andres Valenzuela. Jonathan says Andres really inspired him and brought clarity to why he liked photos so much. It was then that Jonathan started to take photography on as a hobby and has now grown into a profession.

    Currently Berrios works on portrait photography, headshot photography, engagement photography, wedding photography, and has done landscape photography for his personal collection. Jonathan has also worked on multiple video projects, graphic design projects, and does some audio engineering. He is currently the Communications Director at his home church Fountain Of Life in Newark, NJ. Where he shares all his talents and knowledge in the efforts of continuing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Jonathan loves spending time getting to know and work with his clients. He builds trust, comfort, and great relationships with all his clients. In this way, everyone gets to enjoy their time together and the photos come out natural, beautiful, and with ease.

    Berrios continues to work on his craft and wants to share the moments with everyone as he believes every moment captured is a gift from God.

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